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3 Responses to Photos

  1. oh oh thanks ejig betam dess bilognal sele m g demisse malet sele jegnaw abatih bemetsafih bezan gize ene asmera be awra godana mesria bet garage neberku miseraw behiwete tiliqu yazenku father (gerenal) sisewu neber gen ahun tarikachew bemetsafeh dess bilognal tiqis —–JEGNA AYNOREM— JIGNENETU NEW MIWERESS——-

  2. ABEBE HULE says:

    JEGNA .—AYNOREM—TARIKU NEW MIWERESEW ena sel gerenal Demsse tarik bemetsafeh betam dess bilognal berta

  3. mulatu mekuria says:

    i am very proud of about your father and other hero who they left behind by serving their country and their people with their for good warrior Sprite .this has to be encouraged for new generation what it s men country ,how our fathers made history to protect Ethiopia’s dignity and prosperity

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