Video about Gen. Demissie Bulto

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    Hero of the ETHIOPIANS whose death changed the course of Ethiopian history IN THE LATE 20th century!

  2. gashaw says:

    Hi dereje
    Iread the the book, and I found very intersting and amezing, I like it very much. I didn’t even had break. I realy apprciat and admire your father’s dedications for the country. At my end I felt sorry, what he got, and what he did for the country. That is what we are, how long it goes like this, we need to transform our culture, and we need to apprciat our courgous vetrans.
    I thank your father’s service .
    Thank you

  3. Zelalem Mengistu says:

    Derje you do not know me but i know you and your family i really appreciate the book ,the clip. Your father was my father senior i know his heriosm dedection his strong Military knowledge . Thank you very much

  4. Liben Wako Filate says:

    Hi Dereje!
    I did not read your book ,.However, it is a big misfortune. I am thankful to you and to those who gave you assistance to live the foot mark of your father for generation coming behind us. I knew him when Ethiopia was chocked by Somali forces in the South. He is great soldier, leader and the father of every soldier under his command. I remember him at one occasion Major Ali Musa Wanted to disarm the Borana people where Demissie then a Colonol a commander of southern Front( Ye debub iz) He told Ali ” The people of Borana armed themselves with their blood and bones. If you have ever armed them have a document for it disarm them otherwise what ever they have is all theirs and they will not give up a single gun to no one.”

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