Korea War Hero Captain Mamo Habtewold speaks at book-signing event


On November 9, 2009 a crowd of over 120 gathered for a book signing at the Double Tree Hotel in Crystal City, Virginia. The event also featured speeches from distinguished guests, a documentary movie, as well as a Q&A with the author of the newly released book, Abate Yachin Se’at. The book which one reviewer aptly descrived as a “great book…compellingly presented…informative, engaging, revolutionary and original,” is written by Derege Demissie and published by Aesop Publishers. Derege tells the story of his late father, Maj. General Demissie Bulto, in a narrative that follows his actions during the war against Somalia as well as the EPLF forces in Eritrea.

Ato Neamin Zeleke, the lead organizer and publisher, opened the event with a remark that highlighted the importance of preserving the legacy of heroic Ethiopians who served their nation with honor and dignity and who paid the highest price in honor of their nation and people.

The event featured speeches by distinguished guests as well as family members of the late General Demissie Bulto. Among those who spoke were the wife of Maj. Gen. Demissie, W/o Aster Adamu, his brothers Ato Kibebrew Bulto and Ato Berhanu Bulto , and Capt. Mamo Habtewold, an old friend of Gen Demissie and the most decorated Ethiopian war hero during the Korean War.

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