Book review

Teodros Kiros, PhD, at Ethiomedia:

Derege Demissie, Abate Yachin Se’at:
Major General Demissie Bulto and the coup
d’etat of May 1989

Great books arrive on the reading scene at the right time and for the right reason. So does Derege Demissie’s, Abate Yachin Se’at: Major General Demissie Bulto and the Coup d’ etat of May 1989.

Such books create their own readers. The book is so compellingly presented that readers cannot wait until they wrap themselves around with it. It has created a new CULTURE OF WRITING and with it a new breed of readers. The newness of the readers is a function of the literary merits of the author. Derege writes well. In his hands, classical Amharic has returned to the literary scene, and subtly imposes its musicality on our ears, and its elegance on our eyes. Like all great books, it engages all our senses. The result is at ones informative, engaging, revolutionary and original. Ethiopians from all walks of life are ready to read again. They are ready to engage literature, to consume it, to discuss it, to take positions on its behalf, and criticize it when they can and must.

Read the whole thing.

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  1. Daniel Kebede says:

    Very engaging & easy to read. Simply beautiful book!! Thank you so much Derege!

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